Acoustical Modeling

using JBL EASE


Acoustical Modeling of a space cannot be done until that space has been built. This makes predicting how a space will sound very challenging. JBL EASE aims to allow architects and acousticians to run simulations of their rooms before they are built - getting a general idea of how it will sound so it won't go completely awry. This is very useful and could potentially save lots of money by having a well designed room instead of having to fix it with acoustical treatments later.


How did we run our simulations? Simple! Follow this easy process!

  • Make a model in Google Sketchup
  • Import model to JBL EASE
  • Read the manual
  • ???
  • Profit!!

What Did We Learn From All This?

After running all of our simulations and comparing them to how the stairwell actually sounds, we have confirmed that JBL EASE does a very good job modeling rooms. Here's what we learned, in picture-book form.

Model from Google Skethcup

Model in JBL EASE

Ray Tracing - 3D View

Ray Tracing - Side View

Impulse Response

Want To Learn More?

To see my final paper, Click Here.