Winter Break

Thursday January 14, 2010

Winter break it just about over, and I must say.. work kept me very busy. I did not find any time to update any of my own websites. After work, I would either catch up with my high school friends, or go straight to bed. It's been a busy break, but I learned a lot and you can bet there will be some major updates soon.

Ticketnetwork kept me on my programming toes this past month. I started the break off with some C# projects, then dove into the crazy world of object oriented javascript. I had no idea javascript was so versatile, and yet so very very annoying. I watched a series of lectures by Doug Crockford, Yahoo's javascript architect. Then, I completely redesigned a module for Ticketnetwork, which will hopefully go into production in the next month. There's definitely some very elegant code in there... I'll link to a page as soon as I see they've begun using it.

Object orientation aside, I also helped make some website tools (menus, custom alert boxes, among other things). These were all in javascript and CSS. No idea if they'll end up using any of them, but I definitely learned some good jQuery techniques and am going to be adding some cool features to this site in the near future.

Next semester should be pretty interesting. I've got lots more free time to do crazy programming, delve into my own projects (I've got some audio ideas), and update my blogs. Be on the lookout for some great new content!

Endgame: Semester Three Complete

Friday December 18, 2009

I finished my third semester at UM. Classes ended on Tuesday, and I started working at TicketNetwork again yesterday. I've already fixed a few bugs in my programs, and have plenty to keep me busy over the next month.

The semester kept me busy, as you can imagine by my lack of posts. I found myself studying harder than ever before, just trying to keep up with the work load. It was totally worth it, though. My Audio Electronics course taught me the inner workings of amplifiers and the differences between tube amps and solid state amps. We designed our own bass amp as a final project, and built our own DI boxes, contact mics, and XLR cables.

On the programming side of things, I found myself completing the hardest projects of my life (screenshots of final products to come soon). Professor Murrell had us design our own programming language as well as develop our own version of Mapquest. Both projects were very rewarding upon completion, and surprisingly short in comparsion to projects I find myself doing at work.

I found myself in the studio far more often than was healthy over the semester. I mainly recorded the Emmet Cohen Trio (mp3 samples to come soon), and submitted the best recordings to the DownBeat Student Music Awards in the Engineered Studio Recording division. The tracks sound pretty amazing, especially the latest ones. I can't believe how much I've learned about tracking and mixing in only four months.

That's just about it for now. I'm going to be redesigning the site a little bit - adding content here and there so you can actually see for yourself what I've been up to. Be sure to check out AudioSharp, too, for more technical music updates. It should be a very exciting winter break.

One Down, Three To Go

Friday September 25, 2009

That's right, I've made it through just about a month of my Sophomore year here at the U, and boy has a lot happened. Most excitingly, I managed to get my studio license thise past week. That means I can now book my own studio time and run my own recording sessions without anyone telling me what to do. I'm in charge, and I'm very excited. My first session is a week from tonight, so we'll see how that goes.

I ended up dropping one of my engineering labs and replacing it with this super awesome ensemble. I'm now playing in "Rock Styles" ensemble. Basically, it'll teach me how to play bass to a mainstream audience, which will be a very useful skill. Unfortunately, the bass lines are usually pretty boring. Fortunately, the grooves always feel good and I never feel like I'm wasting my time in that class, so we'll see how it goes. Everyone likes my two basses, so I can't complain about that, either.

Being a TA for an introduction to programming class is a lot of hard work. So many students don't understand the material, and others just want you to write their labs for them. I never knew how many people treated college exactly the same as high school until I took this gig. The pay's awful, there's long hours, but I'm learning so much about both programming AND people, so I don't mind. It's always good to force yourself back into doing the basics to make sure you remember all the important things.

Yes, it's been awhile since the last update and it'll probably be another good while since the next one, but I am still alive, don't you worry about that. I'll be sure to post on here if anything significant happens. Until then, be sure to watch the Miami Hurricane football team dominate the ACC. ;D

You Stay Classy, Connecticut

Thursday August 27, 2009

I've officially started the first semester of my Sophomore year here at the U. Today is the second day of class, and I'm already busier than last semester. I can't complain, as I wouldn't have it any other way. Anytime I find myself with some free time I end up really ridiculously bored, so it's all good. I'm TA-ing the introduction to programming class, so I get to teach freshmen the basics of C++ in the lab sections each week. I'm really excited to both teach and make some money without having to stress too much. It'll be a great opportunity to reinforce good programming habits.

This past week has been interesting. I got a new bass last Wednesday (pictures will come as soon as I find someone with a digital camera) and it plays beautifully. I bought it from my teacher back home, Mike Asetta. He has plenty of beautiful instruments at great prices, but this one in particular really spoke to me. I'm very happy with it, as are my professors down here. Aside from the new bass, there was the 30 hour drive. Instead of staring idly out the window the entire way, I picked up some math books talking about problems involving prime numbers. There's one problem in particular that caught my eye - Goldbach's Conjecture. Nobody's proved it yet, so I set about trying my hand at it just for fun. I realize there's probably no chance of me getting anywhere with it, but it's nice to keep my math skills up and my brain sharp, especially when I have nothing better to do. I really got into trying to prove this, so I wrote some simple C# programs to make some calculations for me. I'm currently running a few instances of them. They've been running for two days now and some aren't even close to being done. I'm excited to see what the results are in the next week or two.

I've got plenty of classes this semester, all of varying difficulty. I'll post the most interesting tid-bits as we go along for everyone to enjoy. I'll also be posting my schedule under the College Section sometime soon so you can check out what keeps me so busy all the time. I'll try to keep in touch with all you CT guys. Until then, you stay classy.

Hello World

Friday August 14, 2009

Hello and welcome to my webpage! It's been a great summer full of programming, playing, and lots of coffee. Today marks my last day at TicketNetwork, but I will never forget everything I learned here. A special thanks to all of the guys here, especially the SERPent team, for making my summer one that I'll definitely never forget. Thanks for all the help in the first month or two, I can't believe how much I've learned in just three months.

As you can see, today marks the official launch of this site. I've been working on it sporadically over the summer, and some of you may have even seen its pre-completion stages. Rest assured that I will be doing my best to keep this updated relatively often so that you'll always know what I've been up to and how I've been doing. Being a new site (and my first), I'm open to any and all suggestions. Please feel free to shoot me an email with any and all complaints, comments, or recommendations.