The University of Miami campus at night.

Music Engineering at the University of Miami is more than just another shoddy recording program. You'll learn more in one semester here than you will at most other music tech programs. Class focus is on hardware design, not use. I spend my nights in the recording studio on campus, learning the ins and outs of studio recording. Daytime brings a multitude of projects. Here's a list of what I've done lately.
  • Done research with Emotiv's user-friendly EEG
  • Created Audio Plugins for use with Socket
  • Implemented super-efficient sorting algorithms in C++ (1,000,000 data items in less than 1 second)
  • Designed a discrete op-amp
  • Created my own file system (soon to be ported to assembly!)
  • Coded my own EQ plugin, implementing both FIR and IIR algorithms
  • Designed a speaker system for a bus
  • Made my own test power supply
  • Made miscellaneous audio cables from parts
  • Made custom op-amp based DI box
  • Designed a programming language based on C++
  • Created a simplified driving direction system similar to mapquest or google maps
  • Entered the Downbeat Recording Competition


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